Work at Sassi/ job opportunities

SASSI TALU – a riding training and holiday centre in Estonia – seeks a riding instructor for the high season of summer 2020.
General information about Sassi Talu:
¤ Sassi Talu has functioned as a riding and holiday centre since 1997. The farm is managed by a Swedish host and an Estonian hostess.
¤ Sassi Talu is a popular holiday destination, especially among Swedish horse fans. The centre is also gradually becoming known among riding fans in Finland and other countries.
¤ Sassi Talu is visited by both small children and adults, young and old.
¤ Sassi Talu has over years put together a first-rate “horse fleet” with sports-oriented training. Because of this, many experienced riders wishing to train on a high level and simultaneously enjoy a holiday and fun camp life in the country return to us again and again.
¤ Sassi Talu puts the safety of the guest first. Even older riders, beginners and families with small children feel safe here and have become our loyal customers for years.
Duties of the instructor:
¤ Providing our guests with good quality service
¤ Planning and execution of riding, jump and cross-country trainings, riding games etc. for both beginners and advanced riders, children and adults (max 6 individuals per training group)
¤ Providing some theory lessons
¤ Assisting in possible emergency situations in any area of work at the farm, according to his/her abilities
Working time:
¤ During the agreed working period: from Sunday afternoon to the following Saturday noon
¤ Training sessions are normally held between ca 9.30 – 13.00 and  ca 15.00 – 19.00 but the time may be changed due to the weather. Please observe that some training sessions may need to be held in early mornings or later in the evening etc .
¤ Basic level instructor certificateat  
¤ Experiences and references
¤ Languages :Swedish and English
¤ Diligence and a high sense of responsibility in order to execute training sessions with maximum safety
¤ Ability to manage   ca   4-6 training sessions daily
¤ Ability to handle stress, healthy lifestyle, good health
¤ Energy, creativity and cheerful attitude
¤ Good organisational skills, imagination, good people skills
¤ Flexibility in teamwork
¤ Emergency handling skills (assistance in case of an accident etc.)
We offer:
¤ Accommodation on site in a camping cabin
¤ 4 meals daily at our farm restaurant B.A.R.- Before & After Riding Restoran
¤ Fun camp life with the host ,hostess and guests
¤ Good working environment
¤ A capable and friendly team
¤ Horses with good training level
You are welcome to apply for the job!