About Estonia



We, estonian people and horses, are used to our pristine forests, admirable beaches,   grasslands and meadows. There is such a strong harmony between the people and their land in our wonderful country. Estonia is enjoying an increasing recognition in Europe thanks to its national parks, hiking trails, sport centers, camping and resort villages, the unique natural heritage and wildlife, which have fortunately been preserved at many places in our homeland. We welcome you and will be delighted to share with you all these treasures.

In Estonian untouched natural environment, including forested areas, meadows, bog areas, landscapes vary a lot in different regions. Estonia is a land of great natural beauty with numerous lakes, sea, rivers and vast floodplains.  

We like to experience varied landscapes and magnificent scenery, where it is nice to go hiking, riding, skiing or boating. Each year brings ever more tourists from all over Europe to our country and we are proud of this interest in our nature.

Estonia (area 47 227 sq.km) has been inhabited by man about 10,000 years. Estonians have always enjoyed a close affinity with natural world, a relationship which is evident in the traditions, culture and language proudly passed from generation to the next. Dear guests arrive to spend their vacation in Estonia, but we, 1, 4 million Europeans, live here every day. Our children have privilege to grow up in harmony with nature. Sassi Taluin Pärnu County is one of such centers, the principle aim of which is to introduce children, adults and all visitors to unique natural heritage and wildlife of Estonia. We have   riding school and Audruranna equestrian sortclub with different inspiring activities for children, young people and adults. Sassi Talu is a wonderful place for riding camps, holidaymaking as well as for organizing trainings, meetings or seminars, connecting them by activities in nature and tours in Pärnu county or different places in Estonia. The most suitable solutions for their meeting are glad to find for example line-dancers as well as dog breeders. You are awaited!  


Pärnu and Pärnu County



Pärnu county, the area of exceptional natural charm, embraces Pärnu bay in Baltic Sea. This area is rich in its natural forms. There you can find sandy beaches, coastal meadows, pristine forests, wetland habitats and open spaces. Pine forests with their sandy tracks call people horseback riding and enjoying greenery and peace.

Sassi Talu is situated near such local attractions and sights as Tori hell, Vändra woods, Soomaa National Park, famous beaches of Tahkuranna and Häädemeeste, coastal villages of Karbiste, Liu and Lao. Unspoiled nature of Tõstamaa has gained fame with curative mud of its lakes. Pärnu county is a region with huge birdlist, spectacular flora and many species of rare mammals that in other places are in danger of disappearing.

Pärnu with its friendly and proud people is not only the most popular resort, pearl of Estonia, Pärnu is fast becoming a place favored by Scandinavian, West-European and Baltic tourists as a city of fine arts, culture and long traditions. Pärnu, known as the Summer Capital of Estonia, values its visitors highly all year round: you may visit Endla theatre, Concert house, museums, bandstands or marketplaces.

 Pärnu College of Tartu University, art and music schools, Yacht Club, sport halls, SPAs and health rehabilitation centers provide opportunity for guests of Sassi Farm to visit local attractions and sights.

Sassi Talu with its favorable riding conditions, accommodation and catering facilities, is one of the biggest riding & holiday centers in Pärnu County. We have found our place among other active and creative people who are offering horseback riding tourism services and are pleased to cooperate with them.