Cross country  riding  is the biggest dream for many riders. In every season  Sassi  Talu offers the best combination of riding facilities and possibility to admire unique nature with spectacular flora, huge birdlist and many species of rare animals.

Good riding skills are the most important prerequisite for cross-country riding. Participation in at least one riding training on the training field is required, so that the instructor can ensure the safety of both riders and horses and place the participants into suitable groups. It is important to know that the instructor may refuse to provide the cross-country riding service if the rider proves to have insufficient experience at the test ride – insufficient riding skills may put both the rider, his/her companions and the horses at risk.
Cross-country riding – it's a big wish of many riders! Sassi Talu will gladly organize cross-country tours - always when the weather conditions allow it.




In the fields :

Skilled riders are fond of cantering on coastal grasslands and meadows in the neighbourhood. What a wonderful time!


In the forests

Our guests enjoy experiencing the silence in the local forests near Sassi Talu If they are lucky they might come upon some animals as our forests provide shelter for several birds and animals. The possibility of picking bilberries or wild strawberries .


At the seaside :

There are sandy beaches not far from Sassi Talu  Our guests may  canter  on the white sandy beaches or have a nice walk listening to the music of waves.